From the Canadian Encyclopedia:

Contact Press (1952-67) was founded as a poets’ co-operative by Louis DUDEK, Raymond SOUSTER and Irving LAYTON, who were generally dissatisfied with the slight opportunities for publication available to Canadian poets. Contact went on, in the course of its 15-year history, to become the most important SMALL PRESS of its time. Launched at the mid-century, it published all the major Canadian poets of the period, and transformed literary life and small-press activity in Canada by its openness to a variety of poetic styles and its assertiveness of the poet’s role in the production of his own work. Beginning before subsidies and government aid to Canadian BOOK PUBLISHING had become a mainstay of such activity, Contact was a self-financed act of faith on the part of its founders.

Contact Press has been revived by Donna Dunlop, the literary executor of Raymond Souster.